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Rules & Regulations for Our Campsites

To keep our camping spots safe, clean, and orderly for all guests, Ridge Valley Campground in Digby, Nova Scotia, has created a set of rules of which all campers need to abide by. Before booking your reservation, read through this list thoroughly and accommodate accordingly. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us; we're always happy to help clear things up.

  1. Your campsite is for the use of you and your immediate family. It is not to be used by friends, distant relatives, etc. when you are not at the campground. Please note that seasonal fees are based on the people that reside at your home residence. Any other person or persons staying at your campsite that does not live at your home must pay to stay at your campsite.
  2. Your visitors must sign in at the office and leave by 11:00 p.m. or you will be charged an extra person(s) fee or for another campsite. An additional person fee is $10 per night per person (18+) with a maximum of two people allowed. You are responsible for your guests at all times.
  3. There is a limit of two vehicles per site at any one time. There is a parking area for visitors available.
  4. Your guests and the public must pay to use the pool and bounce castles.
  5. Our swimming pool is not lifeguarded and is "swim at your own risk." Pool hours and rules are posted in the area. Children still in diapers must wear a swimmer diaper. Our bounce castles are not supervised and are "play at your own risk." Rules are posted in the area and are in place for everyone's safety.
  6. A/C must be turned off in your camper while you are not at the campground.
  7. Check out time is 12:00 p.m.
  8. Quiet hours are to be observed from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. All radios, stereos, and any other audio equipment must be turned off during these hours.
  9. The speed limit at the campground is 10km/hr. Failure to obey the speed limit will result in eviction with no refund. This includes the driveway coming up to the campground. No mini-bikes, dirt bikes, go-karts, golf carts, or ATVs are permitted on the campground.
  10. All pets must be attended, leashed, and cleaned up after in all areas of the campground. They are also not to disturb the other campers.
  11. Drunk and disorderly conduct, which may include but is not limited to, loud noise, use of obscene language, rowdy behavior, or disturbing other campers will result in eviction without refund. If campground eviction results in RCMP escort, the campground owners are not liable for any cause or actions should these events occur.
  12. Any campers or camper's children who negligently defaces, damages, or destroys any property or equipment of the campground shall be liable for the full replacement value.
  13. You are responsible for the safety and actions of your children and any other children under your supervision. No child is to be left on the campground without responsible adult supervision. Children are not to be roaming around the campground unattended or disturbing other campers. All children must wear a helmet while riding their bikes, and no bikes are to be ridden after dark. All children must return to their site by nightfall unless accompanied by an adult.
  14. Do not cut or damage the trees!
  15. Fire pits are not to be moved without permission from the owner. Do not burn garbage in the fire pits. Fireworks must be set off in the designated area by a sober and responsible adult by 10:30 p.m. with permission from management. Campers must adhere to all posted fire bans. Failure to abide by these rules will result in immediate eviction without refund.
  16. While walking through the campground, be sure to stay on the roads and do not walk through other camper's sites without their permission.
  17. Garbage must be bagged appropriately according to recycling laws and placed in the appropriate bins provided.
  18. Littering is prohibited in all areas of the campground. All sites must be kept neat and clean.
  19. Entrance to the campground property constitutes permission for the management of Ridge Valley Campground to photograph or video the visitor while on the premises and to use any resulting photo or videos for any lawful purpose without compensation to the visitor.
  20. Alcoholic beverages are to be drunk in a cup at all times when off your campsite.
  21. Washing your camper, RV, or vehicle is forbidden.
  22. All seasonal campers must have their own insurance for their campers. We are not responsible for loss due to wind damage, fallen trees, etc. A camper left in the campground over the winter months is done so at your own risk.
  23. A down payment of $100 is required to hold your site for the next season. Management reserves the right to evict any person(s) who creates a disturbance or deliberately breaks any of the above rules. No refund of fees will be made in the event of such circumstances.
  24. Sorry, we do not give refunds for early check-outs or discomforts of nature.